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Le rugby

Towards the scoring line

Aquarelle Georges Leroux. Reproduction Frédéric Humbert

A watercolour painting of a dramatic phase in a game.

One Irish player (green jersey, striped socks) has broken the French defense line and is progressing towards the scoring line. A French player, assisted by his team mates (blue jersey red socks) is tackling him in order to bring him down, the Irish forward pack is advancing in support to catch the lost ball and restart the progression from the back. The referee is following the action closely, ready to stop any irregularity with his whistle, the linesman holding a flag will lift it in case the ball gets out of the playing field, the linesman, or assistant referee, will signal it with his flag. Usually a line-out will be ordered by the referee.

France-Irlande, en 1925.

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