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Le rugby

Rugby supporters

Reproduction Frédéric Humbert

France-Scotland match at Colombes stadium 1922.

A game of the Five Nations tournament watched by a dense crown of men packed tight down to the field, separated from it only by light ropes. The Colombes stadium, northwest of Paris, was originally a hippodome, it was transformed in 1907 to host soccer football and rugby football games, as well as athletics contests. In 1920 it was rented by the Racing Club de France as its home field. The 1924 Olympic Games and the 1938 Football Association soccer World Championship were held there.

Notice the everyday clothes worn by the spectators on this cool, rainy day, no fancy costumes nor national flags will be seen.

Photographie réalisée lors du match France-Écosse à Colombes, en 1922.

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