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Le rugby

Cardboard figurines

About 1950. Reproduction Frédéric Humbert

A printed colour sheet with figures of rugby players.

Figurines will be cut out and set up on a cardboard field to be moved around and reproduce game situations. You need to collect both complete teams, 30 players in all, plus referee and both linesmen . This is an early example of a sportsfan article made and sold to satisfy the needs of enthusiastic supporters.

Nowadays there is a huge spin off industry linked with popular sports selling a wide range of branded products bearing logos of reputed sportsmen or famous teams.Wearing casual sports clothing has become a way of expressing the eternal wish for youth and good health. The professionalization of many sports feeds on on the desire of fans to follow and support their favourite teams, they will acquire fetish objects that fuel their fantasy. Nowadays there is a huge spin-off industry linked with the image of sports, selling a wide range of branded products bearing the logos of popular teams. Big earners among professional sportsmen give a varnish of glamour and success to the shirts bearing their names. Players will exchange jerseys after an important game.

Des joueurs de rugby à découper.

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